The nomination for the post of Secretary and Joint Secretary are invited for the ACBR Alumni Members (AAA).


1. An ACBR alumni (M.Sc., Ph.D. or Postdoc from ACBR).
2. A Life Member of AAA before taking up the position.

He/she shall be working in Delhi. He/she shall be responsible for functioning of the AAA office and execution of the decisions and policies made by the AAA EC. He/she shall prepare and keep the minutes of all the meetings of the AAA and of the EC, conduct all correspondence, keep copies of the same in the registered office of the AAA and present a report of the activities of AAA at the annual meeting.
He/she shall perform such functions as are assigned to him by the president and subject thereto by the secretary.

The secretary and Joint secretary would be required to coordinate in assigned duties (any new assignment by EC and/or prescribed above) for the progress of AAA and will have to respect and follow Constitution of AAA.

Condition (s):
Not more than one member from a particular ACBR associated institutions/colleges can become an EC members.
The appointment will be subjected to an approval by the AAA GBM, whenever held next.

How to apply:

Submit your willingness and complete contact details to the

The last date for submission is 20 September 2015 (5 PM IST).

B Singh
Vice President
on behalf of AAA

Nomination Open for Secretary and Joint Secretary of AAA