AAA preparatory meet

On the occasion of ACBR foundation day
On 14th April 2015

10:00 AAA President’s address and introduction of the office bearers
10:10 ‘24 years of ACBR’ by Prof D. Saluja
10:30 Candle lamp and Inaugural address by Prof K. Natarajan, Director ACBR
10:40 Lecture on ‘Social justice and women empowerment’ by Prof Meenu
11:20 Snacks (Cake/donuts; samosa/petty; coffee/tea; rasgulla)
11:30 Student/Faculty interaction/performances by student
11:50 Open house of alumni & a discussion over the AAA constitution
12:00 Conclusion and vote of thanks by Secretary/Vice President, AAA

Program Schedule for meet on 14th April 2015